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Channel Zero got off to a shaky start, but SyFy’s creepypasta anthology series grew eerier and more resonant with each season. We lauded its latest story, The Dream Door, as being “the most effective balance of narrative and nightmare the series has pulled off yet.” It’s a bummer, then, to report that SyFy has chosen to pull the plug after four seasons.

Executive producer and showrunner Nick Antosca announced the cancellation via his Instagram. “I loved making this show and I would have loved to do more,” he wrote, “but I can’t complain too much about doing 4 stories I loved with people who I loved working with.”


He seems eager to continue the series, however, saying, “There are stories we didn’t get to tell and creatures you didn’t get to see, but still might.” In an age where cancellations no longer carry the weight they once did, there’s a chance someone could take him up on his offer. Shudder, perhaps? They are, after all, streaming the show’s first three seasons.

See his full post below.

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