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Syfy cancels Haven after 5 seasons


Syfy has announced that it won’t be renewing its small-town science fiction series Haven for a sixth season. The show, which stars Emily Rose as a former FBI agent who finds herself at the center of the supernatural ailments afflicting a small New England town, will conclude after a final 13-episode run beginning in October.

News of the cancellation came after the the second half of the show’s fifth season was already shot, and apparently didn’t catch showrunner Gabrielle Stanton off guard. Talking to The Wrap, Stanton confirmed that the show would have some kind of definitive conclusion, saying that the thought process in the writer’s room was, “If we were indeed going to end, what would be the best ending we could possibly do for Haven?” (It probably doesn’t hurt that the show’s 78-episode run was already reaching a pretty epic length for a cult science-fiction show.)


Haven—which, if its supernatural Maine setting didn’t clue you in, had its genesis in a Stephen King novel—will return for its final run of episodes on October 8.

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