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Syfy cancels Dominion


Forced to accept the seemingly impossible conclusion that a post-apocalyptic sequel series to a mildly successful but completely forgettable Adrianne Palicki horror movie might not be the smash hit everyone would automatically expect, Syfy has regretfully announced that it’s canceling Dominion. The two-season series, which starred KingsChris Egan as yet another ratings-felled Chosen One, has apparently been hemorrhaging viewers in key demographics.

Based off the 2010 film Legion, in which surprisingly fragile angels conclusively failed to get their hands on a savior baby being hidden in a low-rent diner, Dominion extrapolated a dark future in which Paul Bettany was too busy or expensive to reprise his role from the film. Now, its glossy sets will be disassembled and its faux-elaborate political maneuverings put away, the better to be brought out of storage again the next time Syfy wants to remind people it was once the network Battlestar Galactica was on. Meanwhile, Anthony Head will be loaded back into the big Joss Whedon Actor Vending Machine, ready to lend some energy or credibility to the next high-concept sci-fi series desperately in need of a Buffy or Firefly alumni boost.


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