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Finding inspiration, like so many networks seem to be doing these days, in its Netflix queue, Syfy has begun developing a TV adaptation of 2010’s Legion—a series that would potentially join the channel’s adaptation of The Adjustment Bureau, as well as the dozen other movie-to-TV shows pitched this development season that were most recently compiled here, because we’re tired of digging up the links to all of them over and over again. So just go look at that list. According to Deadline, Legion’s writer-director Scott Stewart is set to direct and executive produce the small-screen version of his supernatural thriller, in which God looks upon the “bullshit” of man and rains down His wrath in the form of old spider-ladies and brooding angels, with humanity’s last hope being the power of preachy monologues and what lies in Adrianne Palicki’s uterus.


While both Palicki and Paul Bettany had previously been attached to sequels just before Legion’s release, its disappointing reception means that idea has now been scrapped in favor of padding out the story into a weekly series, with their roles (and all others) almost certainly being recast. Anyway, this is welcome news for those who felt the original Legion—while definitely already of Syfy movie caliber—could nevertheless have used slightly less famous actors, and special effects that weren’t all like, “Look at me and how moderately expensive I am.”

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