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Syfy blows up Krypton

Sorry, biggun, but you had to know this was coming.
Photo: Syfy

Despite myriad warnings from all those more thoughtful and cautious types who could see that the planet/series was hurtling for disaster—i.e., anyone who actually watched the dang thing, and saw its viewership numbers plunge beneath the sub-500,000 mark—the TV show Krypton met with an untimely fate today, when it was destroyed by forces far beyond its control. (I.e., Syfy not wanting to put it on the air anymore.) And while the series did attempt to toss a solitary light of hope into the future—in the form of a Lobo spin-off show focused on the space motorcycle-riding intergalactic bounty hunter—that, too, was obliterated by the force of the cancellation. (Somedays the bastiches just can’t be beat, huh?)

For the uninitiated, Krypton starred Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Superman’s grandpa (and, presumably, Nintend-El’s fiercest competitor), who’s visited by a guy from the future (Shaun Sipos) trying to stop evil time travelers from screwing with the history of Earth’s greatest hero. Also, there was a whole lot of backstabbing and political drama, much of it perpetrated by people with names like Wedna-El, Lis-Ser, and Daron-Vex. Anyway-El, it-El managed-El to-El make-El it-El through-El two-El seasons-El on the air before Syfy decided to give it the boot-El.


Syfy has been a bit heavy on cancellations of late; the network also killed off Happy! and Deadly Class in recent weeks.

[via THR]

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