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Illustration for article titled iSwitched At Birth/i picked up for another season of forgetting which baby you came in with

ABC Family, like The CW, always seems like one of those networks that’s extremely proud of its shows. During every commercial break, it trots out as many as it can and has them do impressive tricks and poses for you to ooh and aah at. Because of this, even the most casual ABC Family viewer—the type that only watches Gilmore Girls repeats and acne medication infomercials—can probably make a good guess at the premise of shows like Pretty Little Liars or Melissa And Joey.


Switched At Birth is no different, except for the fact that it has achieved a reasonable level of critical acclaim that has eluded the grasp of Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Now, according to Deadline, ABC Family has picked up Switch At Birth for a fourth season, which should give everyone who has only watched its commercials a reason to finally get on board the bandwagon. The show, of course, focuses on two teen girls who were accidentally Switched At Birth, and Deadline says the upcoming season will have “drama” and that it will reveal “what happens with Daphne and Bay.” We assume it’s going to be thoroughly exciting, but we have to finish watching this acne medication infomercial before we can check it out.

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