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Of all the errant bits of ’90s nostalgia that have gotten stuck in the world’s pop-cultural teeth in recent years, one that has yet to lodge itself between our metaphorical molars is the swing craze of 1997-1998-ish. But, exactly 20 years after the release of Swingers, it looks like a movie may help bring the charmingly retro dance style back into fashion once more.

According to Indiewire, Blumhouse Productions—which has ben branching out from its low-budget horror roots and into documentary—has signed on to produce Alive And Kicking, a documentary about those who continue to have a little bit of Monica in their lives as members of the swing-dancing scene. Directed by longtime film executive Susan Glatzer, the project is described by as “[following] a group of people who are inspired by dancing to mix up their own lives,” which honestly sounds like the log line for every movie filed under “Feel-Good Documentaries About Surprisingly Resilient Subcultures” on Netflix. But, considering that swing dancing is so uncool it’s on the verge of becoming cool again, presumably the subjects will be earnest enough to capture some hearts.


So better put on that bowling shirt and head down to the dance hall now, cats and canaries, because before you know if Kylie Jenner will be doing the Lindy Hop on Instagram and the whole thing will be over, again.

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