This is still technically in the “rumor” stage right now, but is reporting that an “inside source” has told them that the dearly departed series Futurama has received a 13-episode order from Comedy Central. Originally cancelled by Fox in 2003, the animated series has had a second life over the past couple of years, with four DVD releases and heavy syndication on Comedy Central.

Like we said, no official word yet, though we’ve been hearing rumblings of this news for a couple of weeks now. When we spoke to series co-creator Matt Groening this past March, he maintained a “wait and see” attitude:

AVC: When will you have a better idea if you are coming back?

MG: Maybe the next phone call I get? I don’t know. [Laughs.] We’re not holding our breath. It’s always tough in television, because it is much safer to say no. If you say yes, it is going to cost a lot of money, especially with animation, so I understand the hesitation. On the other hand, what we do is very good, and the fans really love it, and the DVDs have been very lucrative for Fox. I think they should do some more. If they’re smart, they’ll do more.


Hopefully we’ll get official confirmation soon. Stay tuned! (EDIT: It's confirmed. And it's actually for 26 episodes!)