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God, Elizabeth, stop being such a drag.

YA heroines and idyllically described twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield may be making their size six, lavalier-clad return to the small screen. (The pair are already due for a big-screen reboot courtesy of Diablo Cody, though that project has been languishing in development hell for years now.) Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, the twin actresses that starred in the mid-’90s Sweet Valley High TV adaptation, are developing a reboot of the series.

In an interview at the premiere of Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, Brittany Daniel told E! News that she and her sister are in talks with 77-year-old Sweet Valley High creator Francine Pascal, though how far those talks have gone is unknown. Daniel told the E! reporter that SVH “means so much to my sister and I and we want to bring that to our kids and the next generation, so it’s only natural for us to want to bring it back.” Whether that would mean a new generation of cell phone-toting Wakefield sisters or the Daniel girls starring as Jessica and Elizabeth all grown up and with kids of their own à la Girl Meets World, that’s anyone’s guess. As long as they bring back Winston Egbert, fans will be fine with it either way.

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