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Swedish film festival invites you to a movie screening inside a locked coffin

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Sweden’s Göteborg Film Festival has, since its inception in 1979, grown into Scandinavia’s largest film event. The organizers, however, apparently feel there aren’t nearly enough lunatics attending, as they’ve decided to hold “an extremely intimate screening” inside a god dang coffin.

Touting it in a press release as “the world’s most claustrophobic cinema,” the festival will lock—yes, they say lock—viewers inside a “custom-made sarcophagus” for a screening of Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja’s new film, Aniara. Sure, the air will thin out and you’ll probably begin panicking once the walls start closing in, but, hey, at least you won’t be able to see the guy texting in the next coffin over.


The experience seems like it’ll pair well with Aniara. An existential sci-fi flick based on Harry Martinson’s influential 1956 poem of the same name, it concerns themes of isolation and obsessive thoughts as they pertain to a crew of “climate refugees” on a spaceship going nowhere. Still, did no one seriously consider subbing in Ryan Reynolds’ Buried, which was the subject of a similar stunt at Fantastic Fest back in 2010?

See a trailer for the festival below and, if you’re a very bored vampire, secure your spot inside one of these death boxes here.

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