Photo: IsabellaLovin/Twitter

In case you were wondering what those equality-loving hippies up in Sweden think of us, wonder no more: According to Yahoo! News, the deputy prime minister of Sweden, Isabella Lövin, is openly mocking America’s embarrassing racist uncle by tweeting out pictures of herself signing legislation surrounded by seven of her female colleagues:


The joke is a reference to an instantly infamous photo of Donald Trump taken on January 23 at the White House, signing an executive order re-instating the “Global Gag Rule” blocking funding for non-governmental aid organizations that provide access to—or even talk about—abortion while surrounded by a bunch of men in suits.

The difference here, of course, is that Lövin is signing a climate bill, which affects everyone, while Trump and his male cronies were signing a bill that affects women specifically. Still, though, well played, Sweden.

Thanks to @TheRealDonaccha for the tip.