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Last week, we reported that Fox News host Eric Bolling had been suspended from his positions at the network, as it investigated allegations that he’d sent inappropriate pictures—by which we mean dick pics, in case that wasn’t clear—to several of his female co-workers. The reports stemmed from a Huffington Post piece by writer Yashar Ali, which cited a number of people who said they’d seen the pictures in question.

This week, Bolling (who has flatly denied that he sent the pictures) fired back, suing Ali—but not HuffPo—for $50 million in damages over the allegations. Ali responded in kind today, issuing a letter through his lawyer that denounced Bolling’s suit, calling it “a calculated effort to harass and intimidate Mr. Ali personally,” and noting that “Truth is always a defense to defamation.” Ali is apparently game for a fight; he tweeted out his lawyer’s letter earlier today, noting that he’s eager to see Bolling testify about his conduct.


[via Variety]


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