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Susan Sarandon looks ready for mayhem in these first-look photos from Feud

(Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Ryan Murphy’s latest beautiful trainwreck, Feud, has already stacked the deck with an incredible set of scene-stealing and/or chewing performers. The series tasks Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange with depicting the legendary rivalry between Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and its supporting cast—includeing Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci, Sarah Paulson, Alfred Molina, Judy Davis, and Kathy Bates—with keeping them from each other’s throats.

(Image: FX)
(Image: FX)

Now, TVLine has the first shots of Lange and Sarandon i -character, as their subjects gear up for the filming of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Lange looks relatively subdued as Crawford—no screaming about wire hangers just yet—but Sarandon looks cold as ice, her Bette Davis eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses while her posture radiates menace. (Not to mention a pre-Surgeon General’s warning understanding of the dangers of tobacco use.) Feud goes gleefully nuts on March 5 on FX.

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