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Susan Sarandon asks, “Are you ready for some primetime ping pong?”

What’s Susan Sarandon been up to lately? What’s keeping her outta the pictures? Uh, the Church of Ping Pong. What else? According to Cinematical (via People), Sarandon is an investor in a hip New York nightclub called SPiN that features bar and restaurant Ducks Eatery, cushioned teal floors, bleachers, and ping pong tables. Now Sarandon, who 's fully embraced her “crazy little subculture,” wants to produce an episodic reality documentary series based around ping pong players, specifically the ones frequenting her club in hopes of making it to the Olympics and bringing sexy back to table tennis. Sarandon, who says she considers herself “the Johnny Appleseed of ping pong”—and that’s a direct quote, people—confirmed filming is already underway, despite the fact that she's still waiting for a network to pick it up. No doubt early footage shows Sarandon handing out garter belts to players and emphasizing the benefit on their top spin.


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