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Surrounded by overwhelming silence and blackness, The Room's actors are kinda creepy if you can believe it

CNN's recent piece about The Room—and if you still don't know what that is, you couldn't be in a better place—was brief and generally interesting in a "Can you believe this is happening right under our very noses?" sort of way. But The Room and all associated are full of surprises. Greg Sestero, who's been my e-mail buddy ever since I chatted with him to promote a Chicago screening, sent me this behind-the-scenes look at the interview. Basically, he and Tommy Wiseau were interviewed via earpiece while sitting in a dark room, even tossing the football around a few times; this is that B-roll. Marvel in the canned responses, the magnificent awkwardness, and the cargo pants of a man who didn't think (despite his own film as evidence) he'd be shot from the waist down. CNN has disabled embedding the video, so you'll have to click over here to witness the joy.


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