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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are sort of like the outsider-cinema equivalent of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski—with the roles reversed, of course—so it seems appropriate that Wiseau would riff on the title of Herzog’s 1999 documentary on his tumultuous relationship with Kinski, My Best Fiend, for his big reunion with his The Room star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which debuted the trailer today, Best F(r)iends was filmed “quietly” over the past two months in L.A. and Canada, and has been kept largely under wraps until now:


Directed by former wedding photographer Gary Fong, Best F(r)iends is based on a story by Sestero inspired by a road trip he and Wiseau took back in 2003. Sestero stars as a man who, after his entire family is killed in a car crash (note the bloodstained shirt), gets picked up off the side of the highway by a mortician (Wiseau) in a big black Cadillac hearse. “Are you in show business?,” Sestero asks, to which Wiseau gives the sublimely meta answer, “sort of.”

The trailer features all the stilted dialogue, nonsensical character motivations, and awkward delivery you’d expect, plus corpses, “gold diggers,” and what appears to be Tommy Wiseau in a Greg Sestero mask. Whether Wiseau and company will try to pass this one off as a comedy after audiences laugh at it remains unclear.

Best F(r)iends has no planned release date as of yet, but trust us, we’ll keep you updated.

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