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It’s always nice when you can wake up to some good news, huh? Well, leave it to Donald Glover to give us all a reason to get out of bed this morning… or to go on our phones/computer/tablets/Black Mirror-style AR lenses at least. As reported by Billboard, Glover—as his musical alter ego Childish Gambino, naturally—released what seems to be an entire new album on the website donaldgloverpresents.com. That’s the only place you can find it, as it’s not available on streaming services or anything yet, and also there’s no track information or even playback controls. You just put on the music and let it go, which is kind of cool and relaxing in what is otherwise a very modern release strategy.


Speaking of, it seems likely that a more traditional version of this album (Donald Glover Presents appears to be the name of it), as the website’s single image specifically refers to it as cover art and some of the tracks have been previously released (2018's “Feels Like Summer” and 2019's “Algorythm” are both on this thing). That in particular would be a weird move if this was just a musical website, but it’s not so weird if you’re trying to fill out an album. That’s the extent of what we know right now, so just put on some headphones, crank up these tunes, and wait until we have some more good news to talk about.

Update: Well, hopefully you listened to the tracks, because they’re gone now. The website now simply shows the Donald Glover Presents title and... nothing else. Clearly there’s something afoot, and we are here for it. News about pop culture and not anything else going on in the world! Hooray! 

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