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Sad news for those hoping to spot a Winehouse trainwreck on U.S. soil at this year’s Coachella festival: The perpetually troubled singer will not make her April 19 headlining appearance at the festival due to visa problems. Winehouse will not be able to obtain a work visa in time for the festival due to an assault charge stemming from an alleged attack on a fan last September.

This is not the first time Winehouse has been locked out of the U.S. in recent years. She was also denied a visa last year to perform at the 2008 Grammy Awards due to her drug problems, a decision that was later reversed, but not in time for her to make the show. (She performed via satellite.) She’s made scattered festival and TV appearances despite her various health and drug problems, but her last U.S. appearance was a boozy set at 2007’s Lollapalooza.

But hey, at least Amy’s seemingly never-ending Caribbean vacation earlier this year has left her reportedly off the hard stuff (though there were hilarious reports of her sneaking under tables to steal other resort-goers drinks), separated from her druggie husband Blake Fielder-Civil, and as clean as she’s looked in recent memory. So keep the faith: There's always next year, Coachella bookers!

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