Horror benefits from an authenticity of place. An abandoned mental hospital just isn’t scary if you can see a Sony Pictures studio tour passing by the windows. Take 2001’s Session 9, for example, a slow-burning cult spooker that derives much of its uneasiness from its location: Danvers State Hospital, a then-abandoned psychiatric hospital rumored to have been the birthplace of the pre-frontal lobotomy (this fact proves instrumental to the film, by the way). Star David Caruso even copped to some paranormal activity on set. He also did this.

Though it’s since been demolished, Danvers’ abandoned, paper-strewn hallways live on in this photographic round-up from Digital New Spy, which also features eerie, gorgeous shots of sets from 28 Weeks Later, cult shocker Deadgirl, and the forthcoming Jurassic World. Simply knowing that a fake gas station built for the The Hills Have Eyes remake resides, empty, off the highway in Ouarzazte, Morocco is enough nightmare fuel for today, thank you very much.