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Late last week, with no advance warning, the news broke that influential indie-rock act Spoon planned to release a new 3-song EP, Got Nuffin', on June 30th. Well that's today, and guess what? Got Nuffin' exists. It's out now, available to be downloaded, and though three short songs (none more than four minutes) is hardly enough to feast on, even a quarter-dose of new Spoon is welcome. Of the three songs, Got Nuffin's title track is the most conventionally Spoon-y, marrying a steady, danceable beat with chugging guitars, plunking piano, intermittent waves of spooky noise, and Britt Daniel's raspy, soulful statements of self. The second song, "Tweakers," is a heavily distorted instrumental consisting of clattering mechanical percussion and monotone organ. The third, "Stroke Their Brains," is heavy on echo and twangy, noir-ish guitar, matched with creepy lyrics like, "I'm merely a creature, my son." It's arguably the best song of the three.


More now, please.

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