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Look, we’re simple people here, folks: If you tell us Dave Bautista is going to beat up some zombies, we’re not going to waste time with a lot of meaningless questions. We’re just going to grab some popcorn, figure out where the splash zone is, and commence to watching the large, strong, funny man kick the shit out of the undead.


All of which is to say “Hooray, Dave Bautista is going to be in Zack Snyder’s new zombie movie!”, with THR reporting that the Dune and Guardians Of The Galaxy star has signed on for the cast of Snyder’s new Army Of The Dead. The horror-heist hybrid—about a team of rough-and-tumble thieves infiltrating zombie-filled Las Vegas in order to steal some sort of shiny MacGuffin—is Snyder’s first major movie since stepping away from Warner Bros.’ overly grim D.C. Comics movies, and also marks his return to the genre that first put him on the map with 2004's Dawn Of The Dead. Snyder is developing the film for Netflix—which is something of a red flag, given how disposable most of the streaming service’s genre film offerings have been. Still, if we get to see Bautista body-slam a zombie into a second zombie, all will be forgiven.

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