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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet before Sunday’s Tony Awards, Tina Fey said there has been no progress on the 30 Rock revival that Jane Krakowski teased back in April, but she did pitch a pretty sweet consolation prize. After noting that Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have indicated a few times that they’d be willing to do some kind of Parks And Recreation reunion/revival, Fey suggested that they should just combine the ideas and do a “Liz Lemon/Leslie Knope spin-off.”


Now, before we all get excited and start dreaming up the impossible scenarios that would be required for a TV writer from New York to meet a politician from Indiana (let alone become friends and have adventures together), it’s worth noting that this is just a fun idea Fey tossed out during a red carpet interview. She didn’t say she was writing this, she didn’t say she’s talked about this with anyone, and she didn’t say if she had any intention to actually pursue this as a real project. It will probably never happen, and spending even one moment thinking it might will only result in disappointment.

That being said, here’s our idea: Leslie Knope is running for office at the federal level, and Ben Wyatt has gotten her an appearance on a new feminist-leaning New York-based sketch comedy show produced by veteran TV writer Liz Lemon. The show will be a miniseries event, with each episode focusing on a different day of rehearsals and wacky meetings in the lead-up to the live broadcast of Leslie’s TV appearance. We’d even be willing to write the script if Tina Fey can get us a good price, preferably something in the low millions.

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