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Sure, Captain Marvel is great, but we're here for the cat, wrong name and all

Screenshot: YouTube

Back in September when the official poster for Captain Marvel was released, we noticed the movie’s true hero was hiding down in the far-left corner of the image: Chewie, the cat (or cat-like alien being, more accurately) who belongs to Carol Danvers. And now that the new trailer has arrived, he has finally assumed his rightful place: Namely, claiming the last real beat of the clip, being fussed over by Nick Fury to the consternation of Carol, and generally being the most memorable part of the entire production. Well, the most memorable now that we’ve already gotten adjusted to Captain Marvel punching an old lady, since that biddy was really a Skrull in disguise.

And the internet is here for it. In a turn of events that should surprise no one who has ever actually looked at the internet, it is already full of pro-Chewie assessments, covering a wide swath of opinions, but all of them united in the undeniable point that this cat is, indeed, a very good boy.


There’s only one problem: Despite the comic source material, this cat appears to be named Goose, not Chewie. Observe:


Now, before we push up our glasses and unleash a degree of pedantry that would make Frasier Crane cringe, there may be some narrative reason why Chewie is wearing a collar tag that reads “Goose.” Perhaps he’s undercover! Maybe this is a disguise to blend in among the other normal earth cats, drawing suspicion away from Chewie and the tentacle-mouthed Flerken race from which he originates, capable of creating pocket dimensions inside that furry little maw. Or maybe this is actually some other cat entirely, a way of whetting our appetites before unveiling the real Chewie. Regardless, as you can see below, it is very much not the name many were expecting:


But no matter: Goose or Chewie, the little fella is doing great. We’re all very proud, and much like Nick Fury himself, looking forward to spending some quality time with the good boy. Especially if this theory about Fury and the cat holds true when the film comes out.


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