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Adding to the multitude of storylines threatening to muddy up Masters Of Sexs third season, Variety has announced that Supernatural’s Rob Benedict has joined the cast in a recurring role. Benedict joins other season-three newcomers Josh Charles, Judy Greer, Emily Kinney, and John Gleeson Connolly‘s spot-on depiction of Hugh Hefner.


Benedict previously appeared in the Waiting… movies and on Felicity in addition to his Supernatural role of the godlike Chuck Shurley. He and his new MOS castmate Lizzy Caplan previously starred together in his superhero short “The Sidekick,” which was released digitally earlier this year.

Benedict will play an ultrasound technician at Masters and Johnson’s medical practice, working with Barton Scully (returning cast member Beau Bridges). We can only hope this leads to some sort of May-December romance for the lonesome Scully, an unusually happy MOS subplot. As it stands, the show’s new season has launched in a dark way with the Masters’ neighbor’s brain-damaging aneurysm and the horrific trials of Isabelle Fuhrman’s young Tessa, so some more MOS bright spots would definitely be welcome.

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