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Superman Stan Lee picks the Man of Steel in Batman V Superman

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Stan Lee is no fool. He worked his way up from the figurative mailroom to become the president and chairman of Marvel Comics. And according to Complex, DC Comics-superfan Lee is saying that only a fool would bet against Superman in a tussle against the caped crusader.

At first, Lee was hesitant to predict the winner of rival comics company DC’s upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice scowl-off, claiming loyalties to both Batman creator Bob Kane, and Jerry Siegel, creator of Superman. But when pressed, Lee came clean on his pick.


“If this is real—a fight between Batman and Superman—there’s no one who should bet on Batman,” Lee confessed, acknowledge the real-world disparity between two made-up characters. And why would Lee pick the man of steel over the world’s greatest detective? “He’s indestructible and can do anything. Batman relies on weapons.”

It’s hard to question that logic. After all, in Man Of Steel Superman’s bare-knuckle brawl with General Zod turned Metropolis into a smoking pile of Jenga blocks. And that fight ended with Superman snapping Zod’s neck. What makes Batman think he can do any better, even if he does winding building his own Iron Monger suit with Kryptonite supplied by Lex Luthor?

Lee has made his pick, and while it’s likely irksome to Batman fans ready to point out kryptonite arrows and the like, at least he was kind enough to refrain from identifying the real winner as Marvel’s own Steve Rogers, when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters a few weeks after Batman V Superman. ‘Nuff said.

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