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Superior Chinese Tiger Mother may scream her way to getting her own movie

Amy Chua’s strict parenting regimen of screaming fits and forced algebra has already produced a media frenzy over her memoir Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother—oh, and a demonstrably superior Chinese daughter—and now it seems as though her recipe for rage-and-shame-fueled child-rearing may become a movie that upsets everyone too. In fact, Ron Bass, who helped adapt Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club (kind of a spiritual predecessor, really), sees potential for “more than one movie” in Chua’s book, although he doesn’t believe a straight retelling of her story is the way to go, and is instead considering one or more fictionalized accounts based on the book’s themes of calling your daughter stupid, fat, and ugly in order to bring out the best in them. However, Bass says, “It wouldn’t be a comedy,” which probably goes without saying. Rather, it’s meant to provide a “universal sense of the family that we all get,” according to fellow producer Patrick Markey, who adds, “We can all learn something from this.” Except for you, because you’re too stupid, fat, and ugly. (And I only say that because I love you.)


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