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Supergirl's new nemesis is a click-hungry media mogul

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Photo: Dean Buscher (The CW)

Supergirl has fought evil aliens, alternate reality Supergirls, and Lex freakin’ Luthor, but she’s never faced a villain as nefarious, soulless, and straight-up evil as her new boss at CatCo, a tech billionaire who now thinks she can run a media empire and wants to turn the whole thing into a revenue-driven content farm that is monetized to within an inch of its life. You thought the upcoming death of the multiverse was chilling? Wait until you meet Julie Gonzalo’s Andrea Rojas and hear her use terrifying phrases like “consumer cross-platform engagement.”

You can see that happen in the clip down below, which comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and make sure to keep an eye out for the exact moment when Pulitzer Prize-winner Supergirl and all her friends realize that it’s just a matter of time before Parker from Veronica Mars fires them and replaces them with a crew of underpaid freelancers. Or maybe CatCo will try to pivot to video first? Or maybe we’ll get lucky and the death of the multiverse will happen sooner than we thought?

Sorry, did we say “we” there? That was supposed to say Supergirl.”

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly notes that the comic version of Rojas isn’t a normal woman, and even this TV version is “holding a mystical secret,” so hopefully that involves something more dramatic than the realization that “everything is about clicks.” Maybe she has some kind of evil force that gets stronger based on clicks? That sounds more like a meta Teen Titans Go! plot, but Supergirl could make it work.


Supergirl returns to The CW tonight after Batwoman. Succession is also on tonight, if you like this kind of story but don’t want to see any superheroing.

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