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Melissa Benoist

Grave news, super-buddies! Supergirl is about to face her toughest foe yet, other than that Tim Burton-esque Play-Doh-looking plant that sat on her chest for an episode: The villainous visages of network bean-counters! The Wrap reports the CBS series about a superhero show that can’t quite seem to get its formula right may not stay at the network. In addition to having heat vision, Supergirl also comes with a super-expensive $3 million per episode price tag, a cost that isn’t quite justified by the ratings, which have been cut in half since a record-setting 13 million viewers watched the premiere. What possible escape is there for our heroine from this ghastly predicament?!?!

Our admirable assemblage of ass-kickers have yet to be renewed by the network, despite proving time and again that Kara Danvers and her compatriots are equally adept at fighting escaped alien prisoners and cowering before the might of Cat Grant. CBS has to announce its fall lineup in two weeks at the New York upfronts presentation, so the clock is ticking for our heroes! One potential compromise between comeback and cancellation is looking likely: CBS could move the show to The CW, which is a joint venture between the network and Warner Bros. TV, and is already home to the (relatively) more successful DC heroes Flash and Arrow. (Time shall tell, Legends Of Tomorrow!) Producers would be less happy with that outcome, as the lower budget that would surely accompany the move would also entail lower licensing fees paid out. Holy residuals, Batman!


But the biggest concern for fans should be this: If Supergirl flies the coop and joins The CW, it would very likely also relocate its production, presumably to Canada with the other series. That would almost certainly mean the end for Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant, as the actor has shown zero interest in leaving home. Given that she’s basically the best part of the show, could Supergirl handle such a loss? How will James Olsen react?!? Does Winn have a quip at the ready?!? Tune in next time for…the exciting conclusion of CBS‘ Supergirl negotiations!

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