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Supergirl is getting pants next season

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Photo: Sergei Bachlakov (The CW)

There are a lot of big changes coming to The CW’s DC shows this season, with flagship series Arrow coming to an end and Crisis On Infinite Earths coming along to—if the original comic is any indication—wipe out the entire multiverse, but one of the biggest changes is coming to Supergirl (not really, because Arrow is literally ending, but it’s still a change). As announced on star Melissa Benoist’s Instagram page, she’s ditching the skirt on her super-suit and replacing it with a pair of grown-up pants.


In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Benoist explained that she’s been suggesting pants since the show started, especially once it moved from CBS to The CW and started being filmed in Vancouver. She also likes that the pants are a direct way of showing how her character has changed, saying, “I just think it’s more adult.” She also noted that her goal for the whole run of the series is for it to be very clear by the end how Kara/Supergirl has “evolved as a woman and found her femininity and her adulthood,” and getting pants is a visual representation of that. Benoist will also make her directorial debut near the end of Supergirl’s fifth season, so this will be a big one for her.

Plus, assuming Supergirl doesn’t use the old costume at all next season, Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance on Legends Of Tomorrow is canonically the last person to wear the classic Supergirl skirt in the Arrowverse (for a gag about a superhero stage show in the finale). That doesn’t really matter, but we’ll take any excuse to plug Legends Of Tomorrow.