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Supergirl gets a lot more epic with a little help from John Williams


The CW’s recent acquisition Supergirl is a lot of things—fun, charming, occasionally frustrating—but it could rarely be described as “epic.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing—not every capes-and-costumes series needs to swing for the fences every single episode—but given that the show is kicking off its second season finale on October 10, complete with its first on-camera appearance of Kara Zor-El’s superpowered cousin Kal-El, it might be nice to get people’s pulses racing just a little bit.

Luckily, Superman’s pal John Williams is here to kick things up a notch, courtesy of a video editor on YouTube. “JasonVoorhees2011” has taken a recent sneak peek of Tyler Hoechlin’s first appearance as Clark Kent—in which he and Melissa Benoist’s Kara riff on classic Superman origin stories by working together to stop the crash landing of a damaged space plane—and set it to tracks from Williams’ original Superman score.


And while Williams’ acclaimed, trumpet-heavy music can’t necessarily hide the occasional cheapness of the show’s special effects, it does serve as a reminder that there’s a lot of Christopher Reeves in Hoechlin’s Clark Kent, and how nice it is to see cape-wearing superheroes having a little fun for once as they save people’s lives. (It’s also a nice reminder that there’s really nothing you can’t stick “Superman” underneath and not make it a thousand times more cool.”)

[via io9]

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