Wonder Woman

The Flash honored its hero’s live-action legacy by casting 1990s Flash star John Wesley Shipp as the father of Grant Gustin’s modern Flash, and Supergirl—which also comes from Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti and will join the speedster on The CW next season—features 1980s Supergirl Helen Slater and Lois And Clark’s Superman Dean Cain as the adoptive parents of current Supergirl Melissa Benoist. Now, Deadline is reporting that Supergirl will continue running (flying?) with this trend by casting former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter as the President Of The United States.

Carter’s casting has apparently been in the works for a long time, and though we don’t know how big her role will be in Supergirl’s second season, it does open the door for more fun with multiple universes. After all, The Flash introduced the concept of alternate realities (“Infinite Earths,” if you will) in its last season—which is how it justified the Supergirl crossover episode—and its recent season finale revealed that Shipp’s character was an alternate version of a different reality’s Flash, so President Lynda Carter could easily be a different reality’s Wonder Woman. Unless, she’s also really the Wonder Woman of the Supergirl universe, which is exactly the sort of fan-service treat that Berlanti’s shows have occasionally been known to pull off. (We’re assuming that the laws are different on Supergirl’s Earth, of course, otherwise a Themysciran like her wouldn’t be eligible for the presidency.)