An incredulous person (or guinea pig or regular pig) reels back from some blow and then, brimming with overconfidence as they stare down their foe, taunts the aggressor with “Is that all you’ve got?!”, clearly demonstrating that “what they got” is simply not that impressive. It’s a cliché that has been used tirelessly in comedy as well as action films. But just how many different versions of it exist out there?

Supercut Videos has previously explored the oft-used action phrasing of “Go, Go, Go” to beckon people to speed up their motion. Now comes the company’s compilation of 37 films featuring some character uttering the phrase “Is that all you’ve got?” Usually it’s right after getting hit, but there are some alterations to the formula as well as some repeat offenders—looking at you, Rob Schneider. So enjoy this supercut and wonder, “Is that truly all you’ve got?”