Fox & Friends

Former Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson made headlines this week by suing Fox News, accusing her boss, Roger Ailes, of sexually harassing and propositioning her in exchange for advancement at the network. Of course, Carlson’s confrontations with Ailes took place behind closed doors, meaning that her court case is likely to devolve into the same woman-doubting “he said, she said” awfulness that crops up every time a woman accuses a powerful man of abusing that same power. After all, it’s not like anyone got the incidents on tape, and then broadcast them to a watching audience of millions.

Which is less than you can say for the behavior of her various Fox & Friends co-hosts—including Steve Doocy, who the suit calls out by name for launching periodic insults toward her during the show’s commercial breaks—and as captured by a recent supercut put together by Bloomberg Politics. Doocy’s actually fairly mild-mannered in the video, but the other men on the show—especially “jest sexist” Brian Kilmeade—pick up the slack. The video builds from a litany of compliments on her appearance and dress (greeted with the blank-eyed smile of someone who is absolutely sick of this shit), to “banter” in which you can hear Carlson joking through clearly gritted teeth. Highlights include Doocy jovially ordering talk show host Laura Ingraham to change her outfit because it’s similar to one that Carlson is wearing (while wearing a suit that’s identical to Kilmeade’s), or Kilmeade joking that for “bra stories, you defer to the babes.” Charming! It’s charming stuff, all around.


[via Uproxx]