Supercuts are usually surefire viral-video fodder, as evidenced by how often they show up in this column, which means they’re being churned out at an alarming rate lately. Pretty much every film cliché and hilarious actor tic has been put through the Supercutter 3000, not to mention entire film years. With this level of saturation, it’s no longer enough to simply spend hours mining your DVD collection and more hours tediously editing clips together into a 90-second video for which you will get no monetary compensation; no, you have to do something really special to make it in this crazy game we call Supercut.

For example, you could have an unusual gimmick, such as this nifty clip of movie characters reciting the alphabet, A through Z (plus zed).

Or you can trade on surreal weirdness, such as this supercut of clips of Shelley Duval introducing herself to a Vaseline-smeared camera lens over and over and over and over and over and over again on Faerie Tale Theatre. I haven't been this entranced since the Beverly Hills 90210 gang wished me a Merry Christmas.

Or you could simply do a kick-ass job editing the whole thing together into one long, inspirational, funny, nostalgic speech that’s awesome enough to make us overlook the fact that it doesn’t include “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”