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Where does he get those wonderful toys? If we’re talking about Batman, the answer is that he paid millions of dollars to outsource their creation and/or constructed them himself. But when it comes to James Bond, the answer will always be Q Branch. Q and his fellow engineers of death and sneakiness have been fashioning tricky gadgets for Bond since the beginning of his adventures, with only a handful of movies not using some specialty gizmo designed to help 007 out of a tight spot. And while the most recent Bond adventure may be a bit of a mixed bag, it still relies on Q to help in the investigation and gadgetry. Now Burger Fiction has assembled the arsenal of various personal devices that Q has built for Bond into one giant supercut while counting the number of gadgets featured (if not supplied) to the world’s foremost secret agent.


From the ahead of its time (like a car phone), to the unbelievably specific (buzzsaw watchface), to the bizarre (that pellet that makes Yaphet Kotto float like a balloon and explode), the over 190 gadgets offer a wide range of possibilities for Bond to use when trying to escape some ridiculous yet perilous situation. It’s a fun trip to see how different Bonds in different eras produced particular gadgets, and to see what would be considered neat or interesting to audiences of different times and temperaments. While there are many ideas for rebooting James Bond, hopefully the goofy yet charming gadgetry will remain a part of the series for many entries to come.

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