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Tomorrow, August 5, is a special day that may be missing from calendars in a gross oversight: It’s the 30th anniversary of Lionel Richie’s hit song “Dancing On The Ceiling.” Such a momentous occasion as that shouldn’t go unnoticed and must be celebrated in some fashion. Luckily YouTuber Robert Jones has rushed to the rescue with a brand-new supercut that honors Mr. Richie’s ode to ceiling-based gyrations. While the original music video was a raucous good time with people awkwardly dancing, as was the fashion of the time, Jones has outdone that video with this tribute to all sorts of people busting moves in a multitude of ’80s movies.

There are clips from all manner of movie types throughout the decade—from The Breakfast Club to Howard The Duck, Caddyshack to Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Even werewolves and nerds get in on the action with shots from Teen Wolf and Revenge Of The Nerds. All come together in various garish forms of dancing that might not have aged all that well, but still should inspire some level of toe tapping for viewers. So, as the great superhero Kevin Bacon once told a whole town of people with sticks up their butts, “I thought this was a party? Let’s daaaaaaance!” and properly honor Mr. Richie’s ode to ceiling dancing.


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