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Supercut proves Adam Sandler is the master of product placement

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler gets a lot of flack for his “blandly crappy” movie making style (and occasional stabs at actual offense), but we can’t deny that the man knows what he’s doing with the financial side of making films. Even beyond his outright admission that most of his recent movies exist mostly to provide him with a paid vacation to various exotic locales, Sandler long ago proved himself a master in the art of product placement and product integration in his work.

That skill is fully borne out in a new supercut put together by YouTube’s Laser Time, revealing the vast majority of the product placement in Adam Sandler’s films. (The video is mostly focused on food, so stuff like the Dick’s Sporting Goods subplot in Blended doesn’t make the cut.) Still, it’s video proof that Sandler never met a brand he wouldn’t namecheck, or a bottle whose label couldn’t be more artfully angled toward the camera’s eye. Not to mention more extended bits, like the McDonald’s breakfast rant in Big Daddy, or the intentionally awful (but still aggressively branded) Al Pacino Dunkin’ Donuts commercial from 2011’s Jack & Jill.


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