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Superbad's Greg Mottola might adapt Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot

Greg Mottola is known for coming-of-age stories involving both actual adolescents and people who just behave like them in Superbad, Adventureland, and Paul, and now he's considering taking on another story of childish types forced to grow up. Variety reports that Mottola in talks to adapt The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides' novel about three early-'80s college grads and their long, frustrating love triangle—a romantic melodrama that mirrors its female protagonist's obsession with Jane Austen and the like, albeit filtered through a postmodern academic remove that makes sense with the benefit of Eugenides' prose, but seems like it would be really difficult to translate to film without revealing the actual storyline to be lightweight and its characters to be kind of annoying. So, good luck with that, Greg Mottola.


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