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Super-relevant non-asshole predicts the death of rap music

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Bringing the razor-sharp cultural acuity that can only come from a man who recently guest starred on a CBS procedural, in a new interview with Rolling Stone 66-year-old KISS bassist Gene Simmons says that rap music is on its way out. “Next year, 10 years from now, at some point, [it will die] and then something else will come along,” he says. Simmons—who, to be completely fair, thinks that rock is dead too—dismisses powerful artistic statements like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly as “just talking,” adding that he is “looking forward to the death of rap.” (Anything to move those KISS coffins that are stacked up in his pool house.)

Simmons is known for his, let’s say, outspoken approach to being an out-of-touch aging rock star who’s way into Donald Sterling, which we already knew because he publicly defended him a couple of years ago but could be inferred from his statement in this same interview that “I don’t have the cultural background to appreciate being a gangster.” Conversely, Simmons says that he does like EDM music, because its DJs just kind of stand there on stage and do nothing. Asked for comment about the necromancer’s sage predictions on the imminent death of their medium, hip-hop artists around the country replied, “Who’s Gene Simmons?”


In related news, Donald Trump could probably use “Love Gun” as his campaign song if he felt like it.

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