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Super Deluxe is doing a live choose-your-own-adventure telenovela right now

El Hogar Es Donde Esta La Casa

The comic minds at Super Deluxe have finally cracked the problem of truly interactive storytelling: Right this second, they’re running a live telenovela on Facebook Live, using audience votes to determine which way the story goes. El Hogar Es Donde Esta La Casa (a.k.a. The Home Is Where The House Is) is full of all the melodrama you’d expect from the format, with the added twist that the cast’s choices are based on periodic polls conducted via Facebook’s response buttons. For example: If the question is “Can Ricardo walk again?” audiences vote by hitting either “Love” (Yes) or “Wow!” (No).

It’s not clear how long Super Deluxe will be running this weird little experiment , so if you want to play along, now’s the time. And please: Be kind to poor Ricardo. He’s suffered through enough.


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