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Super chill neuroscientists have figured out the most relaxing song imaginable

Screenshot: YouTube

The world is cold and frightening, and the internet is dark and full of hate. The oceans are rising, the KKK is having a great year, and you probably have to day-drink with your extended family on Thursday.

Here is a song that will make you feel better.

Even if you listen to a lot of ambient and “chill out” music, Marconi Union’s “Weightless” is a uniquely calming sonic experience. The track glows with warm synthesizers and a gentle pulse; over the course of eight minutes, it gradually probes the contours of this soft space, its chimes and vibes etching out an increasingly cool, reassuring mood. It is very nice. You should listen to it.


It is perhaps the most recommendable song imaginable, in fact, given that it is proven to elicit a calmer, almost euphoric state in listeners. As Inc. reports, British neuroscientists tasked participants in a study with solving difficult puzzles, then played different songs for them as they worked. The scientists measured the level of stress in each participant, and among the songs played, “Weightless” was the most effective, bringing about a 65 percent reduction in anxiety. First released five years ago, the track was actually designed in conjunction with sound therapists with the aim of slowing individuals’ heart rates, reducing blood pressure, and lowering cortisol levels.

It works. It is very nice. If you’re so inclined to listen, here is a 10-hour version of the track, which should be just long enough to get you through work, a family function, or whatever other hell is occupying the time between now and your next peaceful descent into the oblivion of sleep.


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