In what now looks like a tease for a franchise update of the Vacation movies, the Super Bowl ad for HomeAway—featuring Chevy Chase and a rather preserved-looking Beverly D’Angelo as Mr. and Mrs. Clark W. Griswold—introduced the wood-paneled station wagon and bad-luck vacationing to a new generation. The last Griswold family misadventure was 1997’s Vegas Vacation, and now New Line has plans for a cross between a reboot and a sequel. Jonathan Goldstein and Freaks And Geeks’ John Francis Daley are penning a script that would have son Rusty (played by Anthony Michael Hall in the original), all grown up with his own children, road-tripping to Walley World before it closes forever. Grandparents Chase and D’Angelo would have bit supporting parts. No word on whether Randy Quaid will return in a subplot involving Cousin Eddie on the run for defrauding innkeepers.