Though Sunny Day Real Estate had a brief reunion run in 2009, its attempts at new music “fell apart,” according to bassist and Foo Fighter Nate Mendel. But one song from those abandoned recording sessions survived, and now it will finally be released on a split 7-inch with Circa Survive this April 19, otherwise known as Record Store Day. “Lipton Witch” will be the first new Sunny Day song since the release of 2000’s The Rising Tide, and given that the band’s 2009 line-up was its formative one, it will also be the first recording with that original unit since 1995’s LP2.

All signs point to this likely being the last piece of new music from Sunny Day, as the band’s activity stalled in 2009 while its members again focused on separate endeavors, such as guitarist Dan Hoerner’s current attempts to save Spokane, Wa. club The Big Dipper via an Indiegogo campaign. But it’s not all sadness for old-school emo fans: Philadelphia’s The Jazz June has also reunited and announced it will release its first new song in over a decade as a split 7-inch with Dikembe, which will be co-released by Topshelf Records and Tiny Engines.


The Sunny Day split will be limited to 2,500 copies, with 100 on clear vinyl and the rest on burgundy (which can be seen below). It features new art from Chris Thompson, the artist behind the band’s previous albums Diary and How It Feels To Be Something On.