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Sundance hit Douchebag coming to douchebags everywhere this September

There are always plenty of douchebags at Sundance, but this year only Drake Doremus’ Douchebag walked away with a distribution deal. The low-budget, naturalistic comedy about two brothers who bicker their way through a road trip was a sleeper hit at the festival, scoring high marks for its bitter spin on typically precious mumblecore tropes. But as Entertainment Weekly points out, the question now is whether said distributors—Red Dragon Independent Film Company, Cassian Elwes, and Mark Urman—will have to change the film’s title before its September release. Even EW hedges its bets, rendering the title as D—chebag. Maybe we’re just so inured to being called “douchebags” every hour on the hour around here, but is “douchebag” really still considered a dirty word?


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