Well, the numbers are in, and this summer was only the second best summer for movie grosses ever, with numbers totaling $4.13 billion (after $4.16 billion last summer). This year took the silver medal in spite of The Dark Knight, now ranked only behind Titanic on the list of highest grossing movies ever. Since we're talking about box office grosses, it's worth pointing out (again) how fraudulent these numbers are. The dollar totals are high, but actual ticket sales were only at 580 million, the lowest since 2000, and 25 million fewer than last year.

The Dark Knight was the summer's biggest hit, but the biggest flops include Speed Racer ($120 million budget, $44 million gross), Prince Caspian ($76 million budget, $58 million gross), and The Rocker ($2.6 million opening weekend on 2,700 screens).