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Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival is quickly becoming the “Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival”—i.e., a haphazard, hastily assembled clusterfuck—of consumer litigation, with Vulture reporting that the much-maligned music festival is now facing its third lawsuit in a week. Previous suits against the festival—which stranded a bunch of would-be partygoers on a Blink-182-less island in the Bahamas last weekend—have included a $100 million class-action lawsuit, plus one specifically targeting the promises made by its social media team. This latest suit is a little more personal, though, with two dudes who spent a combined $4,000 on an island getaway that they ultimately couldn’t get away from seeking damages against the organizers.

The suit is being lodged by Matthew Herlihy and Anthony Lauriello, who each spent a thousand bucks for their passes to the festival, and collectively loaded $1,900 more onto the wristbands the event used in lieu of cash for various amenities. (Drinks, fancy food, the right to hold the conch, etc.) Lauriello also says he lost a number of his possessions, including headphones, jeans, and sneakers. The pair are seeking “compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages,” presumably to make sure that Ja Rule and his friends never make the mistake of stranding a bunch of well-to-do party monsters in the middle of the Caribbean again.


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