According to TMZ, rap mogul Suge Knight—and two other people who have yet to be identified—were shot multiple times at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. The shooting occurred early Sunday morning at a Los Angeles nightclub, and one of the unnamed victims is reportedly in critical condition. TMZ says Knight was shot six times, but he was still able to walk out of the club on his own. A police officer on the scene put him in an ambulance after noticing his injuries, and his family says he’s now in the ICU and is expected to recover.

Some sources are claiming Brown was the intended target, but it doesn’t sound like the police have arrested or identified any suspects, so that’s pretty much just conjecture at this point. Ever the peacemaker, though, Brown took to Twitter after the incident to express his frustration with all of the violence in the world, writing “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes. Miss me with the bullshit!!!” Yes, it is disappointing that some people can’t have fun without altercations. And for future reference, let’s all remember to miss Chris Brown with the bullshit— like people getting shot at a party he’s hosting—because it really seems to annoy him.