Yesterday, Suge Knight was reportedly involved in a deadly hit-and-run that left one person dead and injured two others. Today, TMZ reports that Knight has turned himself over to authorities who have charged him with murder; bail has been set at $2 million.

In a press conference prior to the arrest, police clarified that Knight was suspected to be involved in two incidents. The initial altercation occurred on the set of Straight Outta Compton; a second fight followed at a fast food restaurant, where Knight reportedly backed his truck into three men, then fled the scene in his vehicle. Terry Carter, identified as a friend of Knight, was killed in the collision; actor Cle Sloane and an unidentified individual were being treated with “non-life-threatening injuries.” An all-points bulletin was issued to be on the lookout for Knight last night.


At approximately 3 a.m. this morning, Knight turned himself over to authorities and was arrested about an hour later. A crucial point in determining the murder charges include allegations that one of the victims was involved in the earlier dispute, as well as eyewitness claims that Knight backed his car into the men twice, suggesting an intentional assault.

However, The L.A. Times quotes Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, as saying that it was an accident that happened while Knight was fleeing ”in fear for his life,” after a group of people threatened to kill him and attempted to “drag him outside of the vehicle.” Blatt says, “I am positive Mr. Knight will be exonerated.”