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Suge Knight and Katt Williams have been arrested for allegedly stealing a camera

As reported by CNN, rap mogul Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams have been arrested for reportedly stealing a woman’s camera. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the two men stole the camera—which belonged to a “female photographer of celebrities”—outside of a Beverly Hills studio in early September, though the police are apparently still investigating the case. Unfortunately for Knight and Williams, neither of them are new to the criminal justice system—and this has the potential to be pretty bad for Knight especially. As CNN notes, Knight was previously convicted for assault with a deadly weapon, so he’s facing “up to 30 years in prison” for allegedly stealing this camera. Meanwhile, Williams was arrested “when he showed up at court for a different assault case,” which is a classic cop move. Both men have now been charged with one count of robbery. Also, this comes only a few months after Suge Knight was shot multiple times at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown, so it sounds like he’s been having a lousy year in general.


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