Itā€™s been nearly five years since Sufjan Stevensā€™ Illinois, and in the meantime heā€™s done little but dick around with Christmas carols and multimedia symphonies about freeways and drop hints that heā€™s doing albums with The National. We still donā€™t have any idea if or when that last thing is coming out, but we can point you to Stevensā€™ new All Delighted People EP, which snuck its way onto the Internet this morning.

Calling it an EP is a bit misleading, considering the thing runs 60 minutesā€”but in grand Sufjan Stevens tradition, thatā€™s because most of the songs are really fucking long. According to the press release, itā€™s ā€œbuilt around two different versions of Sufjanā€™s long-form epic ballad ā€˜All Delighted People,ā€™ a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simonā€™s ā€˜Sounds of Silence,ā€™ā€ and it also includes ā€œthe 17-minute guitar jam-for-single-mothers ā€˜Djohariah,ā€™ā€ and a ā€œgothic piano ballad.ā€ So yeah, invite your bros over, head to the nearest parking lot, crack some brewskis, and crank that shit up. You can download it for $5, or just stream it for free.